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“We must turn to nature itself, to the observations of the body in health and in disease to learn the truth”
– Hippocrates


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As a child I remember treating anything outdoors as an infinite source of inspiration: climbing trees and rocks with avengence, running through wide open fields and forests with no intended direction and swimming for hours in any body of water (I thought you could become a mermaid this way). Digging through dirt, covering myself with sand or simply rolling in the grass my clean clothes didn’t stand a chance against a deep seeded desire to literally be surrounded with nature in all shapes and forms.  This passion still runs deep and motivates me to take the yoga practice off the mat and back to the source through modalities of movement, healing and environmental education that seek to create balance between the body and environment.  Details on specific health oriented classes, practices and treatments are below.

be well…
~ adi

thai massage //

FullertonImages-110304-3134-LoResAlso considered yoga for lazy people, this ancient healing system was developed by a Buddhist physician over 2500 years ago and helps to restore balance and well-being within the body. Thai Massage is usually performed on the floor and both partners wear comfortable clothing allowing for movement. No oils are used in Thai Massage and the practice is often also called Thai Yoga Massage because the therapist uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches and adjustments that can include muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure. Taught in workshop format and also offered in a private treatment Thai Massage may also be combined with therapeutic AcroYoga flying to release compression on the spine and access deeper muscles for realignment.  Thai Massage sessions can be combined with Therapeutic flying (AcroYoga) for added traction to the spine and realease to the shoulders, hips and back…and for added fun.
Please contact for private session information and bookings.


herbalism // background // bio

“A plant, which is a living and breathing entity, has the ability to understand and work in synchrony with the bodys internal needs, in harmony with the vital force within us, to heal and give life”

~Donald R. Yance

herbalism-philosophy4Adi’s fascination with plants started at a young age helping her mom take care of the home garden. Since her childhood, Adi has always surrounded herself with plants and flowers even while growing up in the city as a reminder of the outdoors and her own personal roots. In college, Adi began to study natural forms of medicine and healing and was amazed to find out how many ordinary house plants could actually help to alleviate common illnesses and dietary needs.  She was amazed at how powerful the plants were in treating allergies and she stopped taking all over the counter treatments as well as cold medicines and actually got healthier.

After moving to NYC, Adi began to study herbalism extensively with Peeka Trenkle and she received her certification in herbalism in 2006 alongside her dear friend and amazing esthetician Diane Avitable with whom she formulated several unique products and remedies.

Together, Diane & Adi worked with oils, teas, extracts and supplements and began to experiment with creating natural remedies for common ailments such as allergies, colds, muscle aches and digestive troubles. Taking these products themselves (cause why would you ever test on animals if you can test on yourself) they also seemed to develop an immunity to the common cold and felt that their health maintained a strong vital force even when all of their friends were sick.

Currently Adi continues to work with plants to create personal regimens for a wide range of friends, family and clients to help them restore their vital force and hopefully reduce their intake of over the counter treatments and prescriptions. Working with a persons’ preferences and tendencies, Adi uses the Ayurvedic doshas of vata(wind), pitta(fire) and kapha(water) to help individuals understand their habits and ailments so that they might develop a healing program to find equilibrium in their lives and restore their vital force. She specializes in dietary changes and substitutions to help treat common digestive problems and help to detox the body of toxins. She educates students about herbal dietary and lifestyle considerations as part of the Detox series workshops taught internationally to help improve well being and promote environmental awareness.


the detox series //

detox_flyer_imageA series of workshops that address physical, emotional and environmental toxicity and it’s impact on our bodies and the planet.  Addressing digestive issues, diet, sleep, stress and the immune system this series draws from the study of Yoga, Pilates, Herbalism, Thai Massage, Ayurveda and Nutrition to address various ways to detoxify and minimize exposure to future toxic environments and situations.  A typical session in the series will include discussion, question/answer session and a 2 hour vinyasa based yoga practice that sequences poses specific to the area of focus.  (click on flyer in upper right corner to view more)



core integration //

cabo_handstandsAn advanced practice of core strengthening techniques drawing from Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics and Partner Acrobatics this class will help to redefine your sense of core strength.  Perfect for the experienced Yoga or Pilates practitioner looking to develop the necessary awareness for arm balances, backbends and inversions this class will include creative sequencing and dynamic core work to create awareness and a deeper sense of strength and flexibility all taught to a vibrant soundtrack.



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