Redefining Balance through Slackline Yoga and AcroYoga- Kriplau Retreat April 18-23 with Adi Carter and Holly Coles (inversion master!)

Take your practice off the mat and ignite your sense of adventure…

Redefining Balance, designed for people who love challenging their bodies, is an exploration into the core center of the body, the source of balance on and off the yoga mat. You will delve into your core and build strength as well as awareness.

Daily vinyasa yoga will develop and deepen your arm balances, inversions, and backbends. Afternoon sessions will explore AcroYoga and Slackline Yoga (where balance is relative to what you are practicing on).

AcroYoga uses the therapeutics of Thai massage alongside the strength and power of acrobatics. You will learn how to base, fly, and spot each other safely in yoga poses that transition the flyer through the air on the feet and hands of a partner. You will also learn the practice of “slackasana,” yoga poses on a slackline (a one-inch thick piece of tubular webbing, tied between two fixed points that creates something between a tightrope and a trampoline).

Ultimately, you will discover that balance is the result of energy, focus, and the ability to connect to everything that surrounds you.
CE Credits

This program is eligible for :
23.5 credits for athletic trainers (BOC), $20 additional charge
23.5 credits for yoga instructors (YA), $20 additional charge

more info:
Yogaslackers – Slacklining for a better world
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