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“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion”
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama




4/18 – 21 ~ Earth Play retreats w/ Heidi Wirtz, Madaleine Sorkin, Kate Rutherford & Jason Nelson: dessert climbing, camping, yoga, AcroYoga & slacklining @ Indian Creek Moab, UT

4/23 – Yoga + AcroYoga sampler class @ Moab Yoga Moab, UT


4/2-4 ~ Redefining Balance week-end sampler: yoga / acro / thai massage / inversions @ Moab Yoga Moab, UT

5/9 – 11 ~ Moab All Girls slackline festival @ Moab UT


6/6 – 15 ~ THE PRACTICE 10 day immersion for advancing the practice & teaching of yoga @ La Paz & Barefoot Yoga Rincon, PUERTO RICO

6/19 – 22 ~ WANDERLUST yoga & music festival slackline & redefining balance classes with the YogaSlackers @ Stratton Mt. VT


7/3 – 7 ~ Barcelona Yoga Conference: slackline & redefining balance classes, Barcelona SPAIN

7/24 – 27 ~ Urban Highline Festival Lisbon, POLAND


8/15 – 17 ~ LOVE Yoga Festival Redefining Balance: slackline & acro classes @ Cape Cod, MA

8/22 – 24 ~ REDEFINING BALANCE CANADA! co taught with Kristen Stuart: AcroYoga, Slacklining, Thai Massage & Rock Climbing @ Canmore, CANADA

8/29 – 31 ~ The US All Girls Slackline Festival @ Bend, OR


9/12 – 14 ~ Redefining Balance week-end series @ The River Denver, CO

9/14 – 21 ~ Yoga Journal Estes Park annual YogaSlackers meet up.  slackline & acro workshops as well as all day yoga & rock climbing intensives.  Estes Park, CO


*** due to travel related circumstances the October schedule is currently shifting & evolving…please check back for updates or follow on Facebook for the latest news updates ***  thank you to all who have offered support during these transitions

10/19 ~ Redefining Balance workshop & Slackline Series @ NP Rock Yoga New Paltz, NY

10/25 ~ AcroYoga Flying Therapeutics & Thai Massage @ The Yoga House, Kingston, NY

10/26 ~ AcroYoga Inversions & Thai Massage @ Jai Ma, New Paltz, NY


10/31 – 11/2 ~ Redefining Balance week-end series at Balanced.  New Haven, CT


12/5 – 7 ~ Glow Yoga & Surf Festival, Rincon, PUERTO RICO

12/10 – 14 ~ REDEFINING play! ~ climbing, surfing, slacklining adventure retreat co taught w/ Heidi Wirtz of Earth Play retreats, Rincon, PUERTO RICO



1/10 – 1/17  ~ REDEFINING BALANCE retreat co-taught w/ Kadri Kurgun: AcroYoga, Slacklining, Surfing, Climbing and Thai Massage in Rincon PUERTO RICO (more info on flyer) *** please note this retreat sells out, space is limited!


1/31 – 2/7  ~ REDEFINING the INNER BALANCE retreat co-taught w/ Kadri Kurgun: AcroYoga, Slacklining, Surfing, Climbing, Thai Massage, Tai Chi & Shiatsu in Rincon PUERTO RICO (more info on flyer)  *** please note this retreat sells out, space is limited!

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An opportunity to practice & connect in a beautiful outdoor setting with the intention of finding balance on an emotional and physical level .  Retreats often include accommodation and some or all meals and last anywhere from a week-end to an entire week with activities such as yoga, slacklining, AcroYoga, climbing, surfing & Thai Massage.  Featured retreats currently include:

REDEFINING BALANCE ~ yoga + acro + slacklining + surfing + climbing + thai massage + community = good times.  co-taught with Kadri Kurgun January & February in Rincon, PUERTO RICO (flyer image above)

OFF THE MAT INTO NATURE ~ a nature retreat in the Delaware Water Gap incorporating yoga, climbing, slacklining, AcroYoga, Thai Massage, camping & home cooked meals! co-taught with Chris Loebsack Spring & Fall in the Delaware Water Gap, PA (flyer image above)

Exciting future retreat collaboration efforts with other climbers, surfers and bodyworkers are in the works!

Teacher Training
THE PRACTICE – A week long intensive intended for advanced practitioners and existing teachers to focus on sequencing, alignment, adjustments and teaching more advanced postures including arm balances, inversions & backbends.  This is NOT a 200 hr course and not intended to replace a certification, however this training touches on useful topics and methods helpful for teaching effectively and advancing your own personal practice.  THE PRACTICE is currently held in Rincon, Puerto Rico in July (flyer image above).  Future yoga teacher training collaborations are also in the works.

YOGASLACKERS TEACHER TRAINING – offered once a year for students interested in teaching the YogaSlackers method of slacklining, acrobatics, conditioning, yoga and general vagabond adventure living.  Please note we are taking 2014 off from offering this program.  For more info and a sample application from the 2013 please visit

Redefining Balance (retreats & workshops)

RETREATS: The Redefining Balance retreats are sometimes considered more of an adventure camp with a focus on human powered activity and an awareness of the environment we are all balancing in.  These retreats include yoga, slacklining, acroyoga and thai massage and also make use of beautiful surf breaks and climb sites to literally take all of these practices into new terrain while balancing on a surf board and vertical walls of rock.  Hosted in Rincon, PUERTO RICO in January and February each year these retreats also include environmental awareness activities to educate and help preserve the oceans and climbing areas that we travel to during the week.

WORKSHOPS: Redefining Balance is an exploration into the core center of the body that allows us to take the yoga practice off the mat into new forms of balance. With an emphasis on core strength & awareness as a foundation students will learn that balance is relative to what you are practicing on. Through the inclusion of AcroYoga we will introduce the therapeutics of Thai Massage alongside the strength and power of Acrobatics as students learn how to base, fly and spot each other in inversions and arm balances on other peoples, feet, hands and knees. Playful in nature, Redefining Balance introduces powerful tools for communication and support for individuals who are looking to deepen their practice through the support and connection of working with others, especially in more advanced postures like inversions, arm balances and backbends. Location permitting, the redefining balance workshops will also include slacklining as students transition to balancing on a one inch thick piece of climbing webbing. Above all else, this program will ignite a sense of exploration and adventure as we find that balance is the result of our energy, focus and ability to connect to others & the environment.

The SLACKLINE SERIES is a unique practice that redefines your sense of balance and mental focus. Great for climbers, yogis, surfers, runners and athletes of all forms, the YogaSlackers bring their unique practice of slackasana to climbing gyms and yoga studios around the world. This practice helps students to develop new techniques of complete body awareness and strength while improving concentration, so much so that some have labeled it “meditation for those who can’t sit still”. In this 2 hour workshop, students will learn the basics of the series including kneeling, sitting, standing, lying down on the line, arm balancing and even going upside down. Often times the practice is combined with AcroYoga and Thai Massage to offer a full exploration into balance and holistic well-being.
Thai Massage
Also considered yoga for lazy people, this ancient healing system was developed by a Buddhist physician over 2500 years ago and helps to restore balance and well-being within the body. Thai Massage is usually performed on the floor and both partners wear comfortable clothing allowing for movement. No oils are used in Thai Massage and the practice is often also called Thai Yoga Massage because the therapist uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches and adjustments that can include muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure. In this workshops students will learn how to give and recieve Thai Massage focusing on the legs, shoulders, low back and hips. No prior experience with bodywork is nescessary and these workshps are open to people who come with a partner or without.  More details on the BE WELL page
Detox Series
Detox to re-tox? The pattern might seem like a never-ending cliché, however there are several considerations and choices that one can make to prevent feeling completely toxic and overwhelmed by our fast paced lives. A workshop focusing on physical toxicity in the digestive system and the core region of the body. This workshop includes a detailed discussion on how our diet, lifestyle, and products that we consume affect our bodies and the way we feel. Suggestions for dietary and herbal considerations will be discussed before moving on to the practice of a detox yoga sequence created to flush toxins from the body and bring awareness to the digestive system and core muscle groups. Filled with twists, abdominal work, arm balances and creative yoga sequencing, this workshop will leave you with an awareness of your digestive region and knowledge about what changes and considerations you can make in your diet and lifestyle to help reduce toxicity on a daily basis (flyer image above).
Core Integration
Drawing from techniques used to strengthen acrobats and gymnasts, this practice is for students who are interested in stepping up their practice or training routine through advanced core work, arm balances and inversion training. Including partner work and the use of spotting techniques for more advanced poses this class will include creative sequencing and dynamic core work to help develop awareness and a deeper sense of balance, strength and co-ordination useful for whatever your practice off the mat might be. Come prepared to flip your perspective upside down and redefine your sense of balance.
Inversion Immersion
“Only the person who risks is truly free.”
– Anonymous
Spotting is the art of listening so fully that we can serve our partners by offering only what is needed to set them free. Focusing on an awareness of alignment and balance, students will work with each other to learn how to safely spot and practice acrobatic poses such as handstand, forearm stand and headstand so as to experience the joy and therapeutic benefits of being inverted. Come flip your perspective upside down through this exploration into balance as we learn to trust our spotters and ourselves to become more empowered and joyful.

Intended for students who are already beginning to practice inversions on their own- some prior experience with yoga, gymnastics or acrobatics is a pre-requisite to attending this workshop.

Backbends & Twists
Through a proper awareness of core strength learn how to access deeper backbends and twists that will help to purify the digestive track and stimulate the nervous system so as to improve ones mood and lift energy levels. Backbends are the poses that energetically symbolize moving into the future and twists are said to wring out the past so together these poses encourage students to feel empowered to take on positive change in their practice on and off the mat.
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